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“I Just Worry Too Much”

In 2012, when I was a young woman trying to figure out life, I used to write poetry. When skimming back through my writings, I noticed one in particular that said:

“Someday I will write all my worries down, and I never will stop.

People say she had severe anxiety.”

That’s it. That’s all it said. You see, for people with anxiety, the worry list never stops. It may start with something small like “I need to make sure I get this bill paid tomorrow”, but it will surely spiral, on repeat, until you have convinced yourself you are going to get fired, lose your job, and not have any income. That is how anxiety works, it can be intrusive, catastrophic, and repetitive. It binds your hands and slowly creates mental bondage.

Looking back, I feel sad for the version of me that wrote that. I want to reach out and give her a hug and tell her she doesn’t have to live like that. She does not have to suffer through. I want to tell her that the intrusive anxiety thoughts are not rational, and that, most of all, she is not going to end up homeless. A common thing I hear people say is “I just worry too much”. This, however, can be a sign of an actual diagnosis, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). There are some other factors of GAD, for example worry that is challenging to control, shifts from one topic to another, irritability, difficultly sleeping. Things most people experience at one point or another in their lives but shouldn’t be experiencing day in and day out or even more often than not.

Are you ready to tackle your anxiety, intrusive thoughts, and self-talk?


More Than Just the Nursery : Series

Oftentimes, new parents spend a lot of time getting things ready in the nursery including a crib, car seat, diapers, clothes, and usually much, much more. How often do couples spend getting ready mentally? How often do couples attend counseling, classes, and mental health preparedness when they are expecting? Join me these next few weeks and my series, a limited amount offered for free through my website, and attend virtual or actual classes when they open up for registration to prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, and compassionately!

Introduction SNEAK PEAK

Everyone talks about the nursery. Listen, we got the diapers, we picked out the name, we put the crib together barely. Those last months of pregnancy can seem like years. Anxiously awaiting your little bundle of joy. Babies are joy, but it also can be challenging and trying. Listen mommas, it is hard. Everyone is so focused on the logistics, the nursery, birthing classes, lactation, etc. Who touches on Perinatal Mood Disorder? Who talks about the 1 in 5 women that have postpartum depression and anxiety? Who talks about when its completely normal and when it’s time to worry? What about the mom that has the perfect nursery, did the birthing classes, her birth plan went great, but after being home one week she feels like she doesn’t even know her baby? “What’s wrong with me” she will think to herself. She did everything right, it wasn’t supposed to be this way! Let alone the mommas who have some barriers and less than perfect lives (now, those are my people).

Well, while I can’t fix all the issues and all the problems. (Sorry!) I am here to offer you REAL, RAW, Evidenced Based information on Mental Health During Pregnancy and Postpartum. So that you come out of this series feeling like a Warrior, Prepared for battle! #MoreThanJustTheNursery

If you enjoyed my sneak peak or feel like you know someone who could benefit from my services, let me know! Drop a line or send a quick email/text.

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