Perinatal Mood Disorder Snapshot

Statistically, 1 in 5-7 women get Perinatal Mood Disorder (postpartum depression). PMD causes many negative outcomes including preterm labor, low birth weight, insecure attachment…studies have shown impacts can last into adolescents. There is a positive correlation with maternal anxiety and depression and preeclampsia. Yet we are much more likely to only screen for preeclampsia prenatal.Continue reading “Perinatal Mood Disorder Snapshot”

Postpartum During a Pandemic

The postpartum period is a difficult time. I usually discuss with the new moms I encounter how romanticized the postpartum period is in America. The reality is much more exhausting and encompasses more sadness and isolation for many moms than most would expect. The result of the difference in expectation versus reality, is that manyContinue reading “Postpartum During a Pandemic”

Healthcare Providers Need to Practice Self-Care, now more than ever!

Likely, you became a healthcare provider to help others. We all have many memories of being part of someone’s last moments with their parent or child. Typically, self-care is stressed. If you’re lucky, there are office parties, lunches provide, appreciation weeks where cards are sent out. But now, during the COVID 19 Pandemic, more thanContinue reading “Healthcare Providers Need to Practice Self-Care, now more than ever!”