More Than Just the Nursery Intro : Sneak Peak

Everyone talks about the nursery. Listen, we got the diapers, we picked out the name, we put the crib together barely. Those last months of pregnancy can seem like years. Anxiously awaiting your little bundle of joy. Babies are joy, but it also can be challenging and trying. Listen mommas, it is hard. Everyone isContinue reading “More Than Just the Nursery Intro : Sneak Peak”

What Emotions Does My Baby Feel?

Often times, new parents worry about their infants social and emotional development. Some will say “She has always been a happy baby” or “He is so shy”. When an infant is born, their capacity to express emotions is likely biologically based. They are responding to basic survival needs and trying to get those met. However,Continue reading “What Emotions Does My Baby Feel?”

Traci Schank, LCSW Counseling

Hello! My name is Traci Schank. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Indiana and have been practicing for about eight years.  I am working towards a certification in perinatal mental health and infant mental health. I specialize in Postpartum Depression Postpartum Anxiety Postpartum Psychosis Child Attachment and Bonding Infant and Child Development AdjustmentContinue reading “Traci Schank, LCSW Counseling”


Many cultures mark pregnancy and newborn stages as a period of bliss, enchantment and peacefulness. Advertising and information sharing often show visions of mothers smiling looking down at their infants in a calm and peaceful environment. When working with my clients I usually make a joke about how, when you are pregnant, everyone tells youContinue reading “THE LIES WE SELL”